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Alexander Isaevich Solzhenitsyn (1918-    )Alexander Isaevich Solzhenitsyn (1918-    )

Warning to the West"Roosevelt, in Teheran, during one of his last toasts, said the following: "I do not doubt that the three of us" — meaning Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin "are leading our peoples in accordance with their desires and their aims." How can this be understood? Let the historians worry about that. At the time, we listened and were astonished. We thought, When we [Soviets] reach Europe, we will meet the Americans, and we will tell them." I was among the troops that were marching toward the Elbe. A little bit farther and I would have reached it and would have shaken the hands of your American soldiers. But just before that happened, I was taken off to prison and my meeting did not take place." (Warning to the West, page 21)

"Something that is incomprehensible to the ordinary human mind has taken place. In any case, the powerless, average Soviet people could not understand, year after year and decade after decade, what was happening. How were we to explain it? England, France, the United States, were the victors in World War II. Victorious states always dictate peace: they create the sort of situation which conforms to their philosophy, their concept of liberty, their concept of national interest. Instead of this, beginning in Yalta, your Western statesmen for sonic inexplicable reason signed one capitulation after another. Never did the West or your President Roosevelt impose any conditions on the Soviet Union for obtaining aid. He gave unlimited aid, and then unlimited concessions. Without any necessity whatever, the occupation of Mongolia, Moldavia, Estonia. Latvia, Lithuania was silently recognized in Yalta. After that, almost nothing was done to protect Eastern Europe, and seven or eight more countries were surrendered. Stalin demanded that the Soviet citizens who did not want to return home be handed over to him, and the Western countries handed over 1.5 million human beings. How was this done? They were taken by force. English soldiers killed Russians who did not want to become prisoners of Stalin, and drove them by force to Stalin to be exterminated. This has recently come to light, just a few years ago. A million and a half human beings. How could the Western democracies have done this?" (Warning to the West, page 23-24)

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